Chapter 2. Generalities

In this chapter, we explain the structure of the interface, and all other topics that are transversal to the application, such as style conventions or grids.

2.1. Login and registration

Login and registrationTo access the application, just go to the url PageRegistrationIf you are not yet a registered user, enter your email in the "Sign up", and choose a username and a password. A new environment wi ...

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2.2. Page structure

Page structure All the pages of the system have the following elements (see figure):Page Structure The top bar is to show you in which environment you are working. It displays: Name of the current user. The environment you are working in. This is ...

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2.3. Finding Help

In the interface, you will find many methods to get help. Most of this help is available via the help menu, which can be found at the right of the interface. (Not available yet for V4 )Need help?Page introduction. At the beginning of every page, a ...

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2.4. Grids

Grids of data are displayed in many pages of the application.The grids are very powerful, and have many options that are described below.The grids are always displayed, as in the following figure:Grids The headers contain the title of the columns. On ...

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2.4.1. Filters

In all grids, the filter bar allows you to easily filter the displayed data.The filters that are available depend on the type of data in this column. If you use multiple criteria, the system will display the data that satisfy ALL the criteria. You ca ...

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