Invoice Requirements

Read about information required to invoice Kuehne Nagel.

What are the validation rules?

The validation rules are in place to ensure that Kuehne Nagel has all the information they need to process your invoices.  This means that there will be no delays in processing your payment once you invoice us. The validation rules are detailed below: Invoice Validation Rules Invoice date: ...

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How do I invoice different branches/entities?

You should be connected to the branches that you do business with. When you are creating your invoice, you will be able to select the branch/entity that you would like to invoice.  If you have just started doing business with a new entity, you should receive a connection request soon or you can send...

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What happens if I don’t provide the correct information on an invoice?

Once you submit an invoice to us we will check the invoice before processing payment.  If there is anything missing, we will reject the invoice and let you know what’s missing.  Please ensure that you have Notifications turned on in your account settings so that you will receive an email if this hap...

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